Prenatal to the Cradle
Yoga & Doula Services for Prenatal, Birth, and Beyond

Yoga is a lifelong journey,
and so is parenthood!
Why shouldn't you practice them together?

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or have never stepped foot on a yoga mat, experiencing the discpline, grace, peace, and light that comes from a consistent yoga practice will benefit you at any stage in life, and especially throughout your birthing process.  Taking time out to heal and connect the mind, body, spirit, and breath is perhaps one of the most fruitful activities you will ever experience on or off of your mat.  It is my hope that through your consistent yoga practice you will gain a deeper and more expansive awareness through your self-study, and integrate your newfound knowledge into every aspect of your life.  How can we ever expect to teach our children unless we become the student?

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Prenatal to the Cradle FAQ

What if I have never done yoga before?

You will be taken care of if you are a beginner. The classes are designed for all levels.  There are many variations for every pose to take care of all the levels of the class.

What kind of yoga is it?

The class is a combination of vinyasa flow, pilates, and a little belly dancing with arm strengthening just for fun!

Is prenatal yoga safe for all trimesters?

Yes!!!  The classes are challenging, but absolutely safe for all stages of pregnancy. Use your own judgement, and please follow your doctor's reccomendations for anything high risk. If you have specific questions, please contact us!

Should I bring my own yoga mat?

The studio is fully equipped with straps, blocks, rollers, pillows, and mats. Mat rental or towel rental is available for $1.  If you prefer to bring your own mat and equiement, feel free.

Do I need to pre-register for the classes?

It is not neccessary to pre-register.  It would be helpful, however, to arrive 10-15 early in order to sign-in and get comfortable before class and mingle with the other mommies-to-be.

How do you feel about kids and germs?

Please be diligent about having only healthy kiddos in class. We ask that parents do not bring sick children unless they know that they are no longer contagious. Symptoms that would indicate NOT coming to class include (fever, sick tummies, rash that might be contagious, eye infection, mucous that is yellow or green, etc.)   Please use caution.




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