Prenatal to the Cradle
Yoga & Doula Services for Prenatal, Birth, and Beyond

Postnatal Yoga Class Schedule*

There are currently no postnatal classes on the regular schedule. If you are interested in classes, please contact Alexis at 386.214.3769 to schedule a class.

*All Postnatal Yoga classes are one hour in length and located at

Renew Yoga, in Daytona Beach or Hot House Yoga in Ormond Beach, 
unless otherwise noted. 

Private & Group postnatal classes are currently being scheduled.  We are proud to offer a wide-range of classes tailored to meet your unique needs.  Please call Alexis at 386.214.3769 or email at for more information and to schedule a class.

What is Postnatal Yoga?

Postnatal Yoga is used to help mothers reconnect following birth and begin to help the body regain strength and flexibility. These yoga classes focus on the needs of new mamas: strong core work, energizing yoga and rejuvenating poses. The first 40 days after birth is to bond, establish breast feeding, allow the body to regain strength and get lots of rest!  Approximately six weeks following birth, return to Postnatal Yoga with your baby to share support and information with other new moms. Yoga postures for mom focus on rebuilding strength in the abdomen, back and pelvic floor, releasing tension in the shoulders and neck, and opening of the chest and heart.  All done in a place where your baby is welcome to nurse, nap, or play with toys.   We involve the babies as weights, as well as some shared mama/baby poses, and infant massage.  This class caters to newborns (4 weeks old) through 1 years old (pre-walkers).  Enjoy fun yoga, songs, and gentle massage with babies to help bond & relax. We focus of strengthening the spiritual, emotional, and physical bond between parent and child.  Breast-feeding is welcome and supported! Share this special time with other new moms, discussing common postpartum issues and stretching the stiffness away!!  Let Prenatal Yoga from Prenatal to the Cradle help carry you smoothly through the busy early months and first year caring for a new baby!














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